White Ranger’s Secret Venues In Toronto For Pickup: Babs


Babaluu Supperclub


Update: Babaluu is currently closed but the owners are planning to open up a new Babaluu in a brand new location.  Keep a lookout on their website for when they reopen.  In the meanwhile, use this article as a general guide to Salsa game and how to operate in similar environments.


The venue:

How is your physical game with girls?

How about your dancing skills?

This is a small salsa club situated in the heart of high-class Yorkville.

Guys can get in for free before 9pm, and there is a free salsa lesson around the 9:30pm mark.

This is a great place to learn physical game through learning salsa dancing.

I recommend coming here on Wednesdays to Saturdays.

Thursday nights are Bachata night, which is a very very simple dance.

The girls:

The girls here range in quality, and skill level (with respect to dancing).

Lots of hot girls want to dance

Lots of hot girls want to dance

The demographic is typically 25+, and there are quite a few beginner girls that show up.

Beginner girls are great for beginner guys.

Simply open, and learn your dance moves together.

But there are also your regular girls who come to simply dance.

Some girls will dress up nicely, while others will simply show up in their typical jeans and tight shirt dress attire.

Some nights actually have way more women show up (the nature of things :)

The Style:


Learn a couple steps, and impress girls for life

I show up early (usually to get in for free), and take the salsa lesson.

At the same time, you get to see which women are new, and worth picking up.

Another thing is, you get to practice your physical game by spinning, dipping, and getting close to your girl.

This is important for beginners in the game whom have very little physical contact with women.

Once you find a nice girl, dance with her, talk to her while dancing, and pull her to the back of the venue (into the
smoking area), and chat her up.

# close, kiss close, or pull.

Whichever you are comfortable with.

Food For Thought:

Copious amount of drinking does not occur at salsa clubs.

Don't expect drunk girls. Instead come to learn, and practice your moves.

Don’t expect drunk girls. Instead come to learn, and practice your pickup and dance moves.

The girls usually only have 1 drink, while some don’t drink any, and most don’t predrink.

Also, remember, you are here to practice your physical game, so try to feel comfortable around the better dancers.

In fact, most of the dancers there don’t have any game.

They can dance, but they don’t lead or take initiative with their girls.

So take charge.

Also, you can warm up your physical game at Babaluu from 9-12pm, and then hit up the Maddy (which is just down the street).

I highly recommend doing this.

Next Spot Coming Up!

Alright, good stuff brotha!

Go hit up Babaluu, learn a couple dance moves, and try them on those girls at those typical bars, or on the streets, or wherever you please!

I guarantee you will get an instant 10 points to your repetoire.

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The Basic Toronto PUA Guide for Night Game Venues

Night game is an excellent way to meet beautiful women. Most women love going out with their friends to have the time of their lives. A big part of that fun is the chance of meeting guys whom they can dance, flirt and go home with. No matter what type of women you’re into, the Toronto night scene has venues that these ladies go to.

There are several hot spots you can expect people to be on your regular weekend. Here’s the breakdown of the areas and possible venues you can attend.


Home of the hipsters. If you come to this part of town, you’ll find the easiest going people here. The venues are cheap to get into and the music is great. It’s known as a hipster part of town but you can find all types of ladies here from teachers, office workers to artsy girls and waiters. the women you’re going to find here have been going out and are more mature so they know when they like a guy and want to go home with you.

Baby Hueys

There are several places you can find on Ossington. Two very popular places are Baby hueys and The Ossington. Both venues are bars. Baby Hueys is a small bar which is actually supposed to be a house but they changed the interior to hold a bar and a mini dance floor. Come here early because if you come anytime after you’re going to be waiting in line for a long time. There’s a 5$ cover entry fee.

The Ossington

The Ossington which is located directly across the street from baby hueys is a similar type of venue. The same type of people go to The Ossington and the only difference is The Ossington is a little bigger. same rules apply with the line and cover.

The Queen side are two of my personal favourite places in the area. Dog & Bear and the Drake Hotel. These two venues probably drive the most people to this area because they hold the most people in the area.


Dog&Bear is the best place to go if you’re out of money. They let anyone in since there’s no dress code and cover is free. Come early because the line here gets long. Thankfully though, unlike Baby Hueys and The Ossington, Dog&Bear lets groups of people in at a time. This venue is more on the country side. Expect to find country gals there and your locals who enjoy free cover.

The Drake Hotel

Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel my personal favourite in the area is a big venue with three levels. The basement where they play hip hop and trap music, the main level where they play popular and trendy music and they have an upper level where people can smoke or just stand outside on the patio. The crowd that attends here are young professionals and people who are established and live in the area. You can find a lot of Italian and Portuguese women here, but a lot of different kinds of girls come here too. Every one chooses to dress nice here. Surprisingly though there isn’t a dress code. You should still dress nice to help your chances.

There are many small bars located all across Queen and Ossington. At the end of the night when all clubs and bars shut down, everyone pours onto the streets to get late night food or just to hang around. This is the best time to meet people because everyone is loosened up and with so much people it feels like a street party. I would recommend coming down here only on a Friday and Saturday night. most people here work 5 days a week so this area isn’t going to be super packed on a regular weeknight.

Bloor Street West

This area lies between Bloor and St,George street until Bloor and Bathurst. This area is great if you’re into university/college girls because you probably won’t find any girl there out of the age range of 19-23. Being a student area, no dress code is enforced. The most prominent names in this location are the Madison pub house aka the Maddy, and the Brunswick House aka the Brunny.

The Maddy

This place used to be packed with all types of girls going to school. But over the years has developed a more international vibe to it becoming the gathering place for international students learning English. You can expect to meet foreign girls from Asia, South America, and Europe there. The Maddy for the most part is a bar, so expect to be talking a lot during your night here. On Their feature night which is Thursday, they do open the dance floor in their lower level for anyone using language barrier as an excuse.  The Maddy is still quite solid on Thurdays from 11 PM to 1 AM, but it has experienced a decline otherwise for various reasons.  There are a few weekends where its jam packed, but now the Maddy is a last case resort for Thursdays.  Go there if you either are really into Latinas, or if you live nearby.  The Maddy used to be amazing but the crazy influx of Toronto PUAs has taken its toll on the venue.

The Brunny

the brunny

The Brunny is where you’re going to find more Canadian born university girls. The venue is a giant dance floor, with a few sections to buy alcohol. The girls that go here are very into party life and love to dance and grind. I don’t recommend the Brunny for the timid because the guys here get pretty aggressive and there’s that saying that goes “If we don’t get laid then we can always go to the Brunny to see a fight”.


There are a few venues around Bloor that add to the scene like dance cave and the frat houses on the U of T campus, but your main bet is to go to one of the two top places. Bloor is usually busiest between Thursday-Saturday. There is street game potential but people usually don’t stay out on Bloor too late at night. Usually they grab food and go home. Another thing I’d note is that since the girls are young and less experienced there will be a lot more trouble from the friends of girls you’re trying to pick up. knowing this, you should be prepared so you don’t think the friends hate you and are trying to block you. enjoy your time here.

King Street West

If there’s one location every aspiring Toronto PUA should go to.  , it’s King Street West. Here you will find the hottest women in Toronto. The venues here are top notch and a lot won’t let you in unless you’re dressed well. It might seem like a tough place to crack and the people hard to talk to, but this is the place you need to go if you want to better your skills and yourself. There are a bunch of places you can go on king. It’s the hottest area in Toronto right now.  King Street West, and the nearby Entertainment district are also excellent venues for street game.


PUA Toronto

This place is absolutely amazing. You can’t say you’ve gone out at night before going to Uniun. The girls here are hot, the music is on point(if you like EDM) and the venue is designed perfectly. The main floor consist of a walk way with booths on both sides, then at the end there’s a giant dance floor. In the very back is the VIP section. There are actually two VIP sections. One in the front and one in the back. The back section is more exclusive. Downstairs holds the washrooms and a lounge area. Union itself is a very loud venue, so I don’t advise trying to talk the whole night because you will lose your voice. If you really want to be talking try bringing girls down to the lounge area where it’s a little quieter and there you can do some talking.


Is the haven for dolled up university chicks. This venue used to be called the Bloke&4th. Back then it was a hotspot for established men and women. Now it’s the spot for the up and comers. With it’s yuppy vibe (young professional) you can find young beauties with the friends ready to be picked up. Although the Bloke is easier to get into than it’s previous title, it does hold criterias to enter. It doesn’t matter who you know or who you came with, or even if you’re confident or not.  You should dress relatively well and make sure you look like you belong. Bloke is most popular Friday and Saturday, but you can catch it open on Thursday and Sunday as well for a great time.

The Citizen is another new club on King Street West. If you come here, you’ll find a giant bar surrounded by the front area which is where the booths and mingling areas are. In the back there’s another bar, seating areas, and a dancefloor. Citizen is home to a lot of office parties. You can find people of all ages here, but most of them will be working class people who are probably out with colleagues and friends. Citizen prides itself on being a very up scale place.  You need to be wearing at least a dress shirt and shoes to get in. But it’s clear they only want well dressed and cool people having fun in there. most guys in there are wearing suits, and the women are very finely dressed as well. good days to go to citizen are Thursday-Saturday. Make it out on a Thursday if you can because that’s when there’s no cover and dress code is most lenient.  Citizen also fills up extremely early, so I highly suggest you get there by 10:00 PM so getting in isn’t an issue.  If you’re a group of guys, split up into 2s or bring some girls.


Now to touch on the dress code subject. King street is known as the financial district. Each club on this strip has an image to uphold. If they let people badly dressed in then it could compromise the crowd that attends the venue. So dressing nice isn’t about using looks to pick up girls and it doesn’t reinforce that, but in some areas you won’t get in the door unless you look a certain way.


All these places have amazing street game potential after the clubs let out. These are also a few of the good clubs in the areas. combined there’s an unlimited amount of girls you can approach on a nightly basis. If you want to speed up your learning curve and get better with women then the night outs will really help you get to where you want to be.

Day Game

If you’d like to find some daygame venues check our Toronto daygame venues article.

Beast Night Game in Toronto With This Simple Tip

women in toronto

There is a reason why so many guys who want to learn how to meet women in bars and clubs are so confused.

With access to a huge amount of information on the subject it becomes difficult to understand what is worth focusing on in general, not to mention what you personally need to focus on at the moment.

You can’t figure it out without experience no matter how much you read, but through some self examination and some guidance, you can at least start to see what information isn’t as important to you. This alone will grant you a lot of clarity and help you learn better because after all, the misuse of advice by applying it to the wrong context is the most common type of mistake there is. The purpose of this article is to critically look at one concept you might be concerning yourself with:


Probably the most confusing concept being tossed around. This topic and the way it’s been used and misused over the years could justify the writing of entire book. Let’s describe it for our purposes first.

State is simply how you feel. It’s your emotional state. It’s not flow state (although I’m sure that has it’s emotional implications) and it’s not your energy level or physical condition though they are important too.

Often guys will say things like “once I’m in state, I’ll be fine.” or “you should go out just to have fun and if you do, thing will happen naturally.” or “I need to do enough approaches to get into the flow before I go inside.” Which I personally don’t do, but is something that has it’s place as we’ll get to. So who should actually be concerning themselves with state?

When it comes to meeting women during the day, in public and so on, state come up for me two times.First, there is the state I want to be in before leaving my place which is relaxed and without worry– cool with my life. I achieve this by keeping my life and apartment sorted out and having the peace of mind that allows me tofocus on the here and now. This includes things as simple as planning for the night and as deep as your mental and emotional health.Second is when I approach. It’s here that I want to feel prepared, not for the conversation so much as for the things I know always happen. The questions I always get, the moments I need to take charge, the obstacles I see coming. Through experience, mental rehearsal, and preparation I can deal with any of these things as automatically as answering a basic question about myself.

At night, I’m looking to do the same thing with one addition which is that I feel like partying in the particular way that my venue that night is designed for. If I’m going to a club, let’s say Guvnment in Toronto, that means I feel like drinking, I feel like dancing maybe, certainly I feel like listening to that music, and I feel enthusiastic. Sure, when it comes to an actual approach I’m thinking about the next step in the sequence, but before that I’m just trying to have as much fun as possible. Much like being relaxed makes a lot of what I typically say during the day seem natural and in line with how I’m acting, so to does having fun make my communications match at night.


Perhaps you’ve noticed that a lot of guys who go out specifically to pickup act weird in that they pretend to be having a better time then they are. Often it’ll really seem like they have been drinking or taking drugs when they haven’t. This is the method of intimating party behaviour. It’s a bad strategy because it depends on your acting, and it doesn’t provide the same kind of value to people around you who want to have fun. You have to actually be having fun, and by learning how and where to do that you’re discover a lot more and attract far more people. Now here are the exceptions.

Obviously, if you don’t go out a lot you’re not going to be comfortable and this will make it hard to have fun. Most people don’t ever have to deal with this. If they are just starting to go clubbing they are probably in a group of other people who are in the same boat or who can at least provide support and fun. If they just can’t get into it, they don’t go again and socialize elsewhere. Alternatively, they simply enjoy the party for what it is because it’s something they are into. I had a perspective student here in Toronto recently who just loves raving. He would go on his own and have a blast and I could tell this was one of the types of parties he belonged at. He still needed to learn about the subculture and pickup but it took him no time at all to be comfortable with the environment, because he liked what was going on there.

Also, people who get into partying the typical way have no special reason to feel insecure about the way they interact with people- if they feel awkward they can just be nice to someone in the group and it’s highly likely they will find someone to talk to.


If you’re trying to learn how to meet women however you’re probably going to be (and should be) questioning yourself. You might avoid being nice for instance, because you don’t want to seem like a pushover. It’s good thinking but it especially important for these guys to learn to relax. It’s common for guys who are struggling to be dragged out by there friends and end up having a great night, because they were focused on just having the greatest time between themselves.

Now whether that guy meets a women and begin a sexual relationship with her is a different story which bring me to the big thing. The big thing is when you’re starting off and you might not even be able to keep up a conversation your lack of skill is a far greater concern. When you’re learning the basics and getting a feel for whatever type of club you’re going to, you’re going to want to use goals. You might want to do X number of approaches for instance which makes sense for a club like Guvernment. You might want to try and start some conversations before going to club Or, you might want to just focus on being able to vibe with a group which is good in day time social environments or lounges and then use that as a starting point to learn actual pickup. The point is, you can feel as good as you like but it’s not going to unlock some hidden skillset, unless it’s something that’s only being locked up by your bad state.

I call the way you influence your state “inner game” which you’re running on yourself constantly, but it’s different from outer game (how you influence others emotions) which also has to be learnt the hard way. What this all adds up to is this; you will have some fun nights but not get laid, and you will have some shitty nights and not get laid but in my experience the fun night are the only ones you will get laid on and that’s because you’ve done the work that allows you to have fun and you’ve done the work that allows you to communicate impeccably and you’re doing both.

A Basic Guide to Meeting Women in Toronto Canada

meeting women in toronto

It’s no secret; Toronto is one of the most amazing places to meet diverse women in the world!

Most guys that have been lucky enough to travel to Toronto will probably rave in excitement at the diversity of the women and how good looking they are.

Some guys in Toronto will end up dating women of more national and cultural backgrounds than they would ever back home.

Others will claim that the women in Toronto are absolutely beautiful, yet difficult to approach relative to other parts of the world.

So what’s the deal?

Where is the best place to meet local girls in Toronto?

Toronto can be a tough place to meet local women.

Most notably, a lot of the beautiful girls travel into the city from the 5-10 surrounding cities, such as Markham, Scarborough, Missisauga, Brampton, and Oakville (within a 20-40km or 12-24 mile radius).

Even still, many of these girls are celebrating and dressing up for one night only, thus your window of opportunity is very narrow, and must involve logistics that have a hotel or a place nearby for the night.

Luckily, Toronto is packed with Hotels of all price ranges, and better yet, these hotels are only a 5-10 minute cab ride to some of the areas you will most likely be meeting women!

Thankfully, finding and meeting women in Toronto can actually be quite convenient.

Toronto has a very popular, and always packed “Entertainment District” which is lined with 20-30 bars and clubs, all within walking distance!

So on a given night from Thursday, to Saturday, you will see hundreds of beautiful women in tight skirts to open up, and potentially take home! I repeat, hundreds!

You will find clubs for all genres and tastes in this district, including but not limited to; hiphop, electro, house, indy, sports bars, lounges, salsa, and then some.

If you simply want an all in one, Toronto features Canada’s largest club, which features 8 venues under a single roof.

Or you can venture for a drink at the world famous, Madison Avenue Pub.

Approaching the Women

Generally, women enjoy being approached by men, and Toronto is no exception.

Approaching here is a necessity, since most of the time the girls do not take the initiative, are shy, or are in a hurry.

Luckily in Toronto, girls will make it blatantly obvious if they are interested in you.

If she is interested, she will hold laser eye-contact with you, long enough for your gut to get the message.

This is your biological signal to go and open.

Typically, they expect you to have the confidence to go up and say at least something clever.

Regardless of your environment, you need to portray confidence, thus, if you believe what you will say will work, then they will appreciate this as confidence.

Simply approach smiling, and start saying whatever is on your mind.

Your opener can simply involve telling her she is beautiful if you genuinely believe it.

Generally, women in Toronto are warm and receptive once you are in a friendly conversation.

Before long, they will show their interest with playful giggling, and light touching.

Managing Uncertainty

Tonight you managed to make her laugh, become attracted, and you even went for the phone number and got it, or maybe even her Facebook.

If you don’t have a phone, and perhaps even a local number, then meeting with your girl will be virtually impossible.

Like many guys in the field, you may have had a great close, got the number, and even kissed the girl, but ultimately nothing happened after.

When it comes to Toronto girls, you may expect a response a day, a week, or even 2 weeks later.

A huge chunk of the uncertainty simply pertains to logistics (for example, Where she’s from, who she’s with, how much time is available) when meeting women in Toronto.

As mentioned before, many of the women come from out of the city itself due to a special occasion, thus you need to determine the logistics early on in the interaction.

Closing and Meeting

Don’t be surprised if she is from out of the Toronto area, or simply not down once she comes off the alcohol, or the girlfriends change her mind.

This can be frustrating, but thankfully you got several numbers that night, because after all, you have at least some game in you.

Stick to texting, and if need be, having a quick 5 minute phone conversation to re-establish rapport, and set up logistics for your date.

Granted, if everything goes well, and you manage to set up a date, then simply invite her for a drink at a local bar or lounge.

This is a great way to loosen the vibe, and let the energy flow.

You don’t need to be impressive, Toronto girls are typically not materialistic, and simply appreciate a male who is comfortable with himself, thus making her comfortable.

Have you had a good or bad experience with meeting women in Toronto?

Leave a comment and tell us about it.

If you are interested in meeting women in Toronto and want to recieve a free one hour consultation on pickup, hit us up.

The Chemical X: What You NEED to have to REALLY be the best at PICKUP! Part 1.

This is a post for the intermediate, advanced, and the intelligent beginner.

This post will seem a bit long winded at first, it’s a divergence from the normal theory, and puts forth a basic assertion I will summarize in one sentence:

You need to actually love women, not like them, not just want to fuck them, you have to enjoy the experience of interacting with women from beginning to end. Now, some are going to take this out of context and take it as “Worship the pussy” or “put it on a pedestal”, but that’s not what I mean in the slightest. To clarify for our logically and experience challenged under/over-analyzers, you need to really appreciate the details of her, but understand that she is just that, something to enjoy and experience NOT SOMETHING YOU NEED OR PERFECT.

Hot girl

Let’s be honest. You’re reading this because you’ve been searching, inspected, and feverishly attempting to find the philosopher’s stone of pickup. That little line, that plan, that strategy, that perfect technique to capture the hearts and minds of the tens of the world, a magic spell that when uttered or gestured stops them in their tracks and makes their heart LEAVE THEIR CHEST, and fly into the palm of your hands like some twisted video game.

I have good news, and I have bad news.

The bad news, is that it doesn’t exist. Now, don’t let that discourage you, because to be honest, I have both experienced and witnessed the supposedly almost miraculous magical even that is a ten minute pull. The truth is, there’s nothing magical, or fantastical about it. It’s a beautiful experience. But, to put it in basic terms, all it is (like all pulls and interactions) is a clicking of two individuals interests, emotions, and identification with one another and deciding to express it. That’s it. It’s not “I pulled her” or “She pulled me”, it’s mutual, simple, and often refreshing.

“But Oh Wise One? How does it actually happen? Why doesn’t that ALWAYS happen?”

Because, there are too many variables. There is an importance placed on screening for a reason. Most men see a hot girl and think “I just want to have sex wit something attractive”, and hence either are in weirdly dysfunctional relationships held together by each member supplicating at alternating times or something equally unnatural. To a degree, the best experiences, relationships, sex, etc. etc. comes from a clicking that some would call “getting lucky”, where everything just happens to go perfect and you and the girl get along nicely. This, isn’t just the variables in the room, the moment you talked to her the planets aligned (in a way, it is because she had to be there at that moment put there for you to talk to) it’s more than that, it’s the cultivation of your experiences, your aura, your thoughts leading up to that moment and beyond. How you think and what you believe which leads to how you walk and talk, which leads to etc. etc.

Would you believe me, if I said what separates, the great, from the “pretty good” and barely pulling is the pain, the negativity, the hurt many men hold onto in regards to their experiences with women. That backhanded remark she offered you, the girl in fifth grade that called you ugly, the social stigma of interacting with a woman and the horrible ungodly experience of….dare I say it..rejection! These are all experiences that hurt a man’s (I use that term loosely) ego, and more importantly his view of women. Every woman you talk to, you bring subconsciously every experience with women that remains prevalent in your mind. For instance, who is more likely to be successful, the guy beaten down from a young age by girls until his adulthood, or the guy that was surrounded by women that appreciated him? It’s obvious, the guy who cultivates positive reference experiences with women.

Toronto Pickup

So: Tip 1# Cultivate Positive Experiences with women & make girls that are you know, FRIENDS.

Why? The difference between the guy who has several friends that are girls that like him, hang out with him and make the experience of being around girls normal vs. the guy that barely talks to them and tries to jump in dick first and comes across as calibrated as a brick is who actually has friends that are girls.

You have to actually enjoy female energy. Conversation with women, is easiest when you aren’t focused on the vagina, it’s actually easier when you are focused on her energy, her scent, her voice, her facial expression, her femininity more than some social construct of “HOLY SHIT SHE’S HOT”. You need to just enjoy it, when you enjoy her for being a woman, it gives her freedom to enjoy you being a man. It inspires you to do what’s natural, lead, command and challenge, have fun and do whatever you feel like, in the moment, push her against the wall, kiss her etc. etc. JUST FOR FUN. Because, ultimately, a woman will literally tell you everything you want to know if you really look, feel, and ride the vibe.

In Part 2, I am going to focus on just tactics, strategies and ways to really benefit from this style of enjoying the woman, and how it can:

-Make your approaching effortless

-Make the conversations simple

-Easily help you make girl friends and high quality girls fall in love with you

How To Get Laid With Girls: Boost Your Results Instantly Without Acting Like a Creepy PUA

Do you know the one way to increase your results instantly and easily?

Its easy, don’t think of yourself as a PUA or pickup artist.

A pickup identity is useless because your will try to live up to it.  This means you will care about rejection and

avoid the hard sets because its harder for you.

Hell, even an identity where you are good with women is bad for you.  I remember coming back to Toronto and being constantly rejected.  I struggled with my ego being hurt and the constant rejection was getting to me.  I felt like all the work I had done to improve myself was useless and that it was impossible to get laid in Toronto using cold approach.

I eventually realized that rejection doesn’t matter and that it doesn’t change who I am.  I’m a solid rock and gusts of rejection don’t affect me whatsoever.  Its all a game and focusing on self amusement will bring more results than worrying about what the girls think.

Its freeing, the ability to burn the set to the ground.  Its a lot of fun and makes every interaction a fun experience for me.  Right now picking up girls is all about fun and I don’t give a shit about results.  My best interactions are the ones I’m having fun with and making myself smile and laugh.  The state transfers over to the girls and it results in a postive interaction.

You can’t take pickup in Toronto seriously when you are out in the field.  You have to focus on having fun.   Learning Pickup in Toronto  is not easy especially for newbies.  I was there today and was surprsied at the large number of Puas.  Hell, I saw as many Pua’s as hot girls.

In a harsh situation like this outcome dependence is horrible.  Instead we focused on having fun and talking to girls in the process.  This made sure that the day was a fun one and we had plenty of great interactions.  Toronto is a tough environment where cold approach skills must be top notch and lacking outcome dependence gives you the party vibe that girls love.   As G says, not giving a fuck is essential.

The reason a Pua identity hurts you is because it ensures that you are trying to impress the girl to fulfill your identity.  This instantly kills your vibe because you are using the girl to reassure yourself that you are cool.  This is in strong contrast to being a guy who interacts with girls and doesn’t want anything at all from them.  The ability to create that vibe changes the game and makes the girls chase you instead.

This isn’t a tactic but a mindset, one that is gained through years of extremely difficult self-improvement and self confidence.  You will be a real life Michelangelo of seduction chiseled from thousands of harsh rejections and approaches.

Pickup and Date Hot Nerdy Girls in Toronto

A lot of us men love girls who are down to earth and relaxed.

There are plenty of these girls in Toronto but they are pretty hard to meet since they are shy and go out partying far less than other girls.

However, they are easy to approach and to talk to.

They might be a bit shy but that just makes them more adorable.

You need to employ a special strategy to meet them.  

Online Dating is a good first option.

The best place to meet them isn’t OkCupid or any other websites.

Its comic book and video game conventions.

Events like FanExpo are perfect for any cool guy.

The competition is not high, most guys don’t have the balls to approach girls.

It’s as simple as asking a girl in a costume to take a photo with you and starting to talk about the costume.

It’s amazing how friendly these girls are.

A lot of them haven’t been hit on that much since they don’t go out clubbing or partying much.

This is a great situation because any guy who is confident and easy to talk to will immediately interest her.

You don’t have to dress up or fake being a nerd, just joke around and be friendly. They aren’t used to meeting that many cool guys and they’ll really welcome that.

Heck, you can even pick up the booth babes there if you have strong even game.

One friend of mine was hitting on a major celebrity at the show.

They might not be your target demographic but it does make talking to the nerdy girls a helluva lot easier.

Dare you and your friends to do the ballsiest stuff possible in the convention and you’ll do great.

The vibe is amazing and everybody is friendly.

This is a perfect venue, these girls are dressed in such kinky outfits that its hard not to get turned on.

Most of the dudes there won’t approach them and if they do it won’t be in an authentic manner(catcalls or putting on a tough persona).

If you can be yourself and confident they will appreciate that since you’re enjoying their real selves and not just the costume they’ve put on for the day.

These girls are a pleasure to be around so be sure to go to these events and also check out the amazing artists present at the events.

See you all at the next FanExpo!

How To Dominate Your College Social Life: Frosh Week Tips to Meet Girls

I know many readers on this site are in their Universities right now and have partaken in Frosh week celebrations.

Frosh is one of the easiest places to meet new people at your University and establish an awesome social circle.

University is great since getting laid is pretty easy and meeting girls is just an afterthought to partying and having fun.

You don’t really have to rely on cold approach which lowers outcome dependence during cold approach.

The University situation also forces you to be very social which is great for personality development and improving your social skills at pickup in Toronto.

Pickup College GirlsHere are some basic Frosh tips

1. Talk to a lot of people.  Approach girls and ask them questions like “Where is the Campus Store” or any other logistical questions.  Ask them if they are first years too.  You and her are in the same University and have plenty to talk about.  Number close and move on.  Try aiming for  10 new girls a day.

2. Hit up parties and meet people there.  Just chill and vibe and make friends.  Don’t try to game but have fun.

3. Hold your own parties which are an essential part of social circle game.  These instantly raise your value and you become the most important person at the party.  The benefits are huge and parties are the cornerstone of any great college socializing strategy.

One of the most important things you have to remember about college is logistics are important.

Live in Residence if you can.

Its important that you stay near the school so you can party it up and not lose precious hours commuting.

I was browsing RSDNation when I saw a thread about some guy who’s parents enforce a strict curfew.

Deal with it.

Don’t be a pussy and break the rules that your parents set if you have to.  The alternative is jacking off in your mother’s basement.

Even if you are doing well in college game don’t slack off with cold approach.

Remember that when you are out of college you won’t have a huge social circle and that cold approach will be essential.

College social circle game is not a substitute for cold approach game.

If you’re a guy who wants to spend his mid 20s to 30s travelling around the world you need to have excellent cold approach game.

A lot of guys go to college and then have problems meeting girls outside it since they are so used to the masses of girls and parties in College.

However, if you go into college with a ton of cold approach experience and keep working on that you’ll do amazingly well in the college scene.

Just remember to go to class and keep your grades up to.

Subway Pickup: Meet Girls On the Way to Work

I have been doing a lot of subway approaches recently.  The more I do them the more I’m convinced that buses and subways are a prime hunting ground for us guys.  It does take balls to open on the subway but if you do them you will be massively rewarded.   Subway Approaches are also ridiculously awesome when you’re going back home from Pickup and are completely warmed up.  Girls just open up well and long conversations ensue.  These approaches are a great way of practice to sharpen your verbal game as they last quite a bit longer.  You have to be able to relax and vibe it out.  The main problem with subway approaches is that they are hard to do by yourself.  Subways are usually a very anti-social environment and it can hard to push yourself to breach that.  This is in contrast to clubs where everyone’s socializing and having fun.  Nobody looks like they want to be approached in the subway and it’s pretty rare to see a rider smile unless they are with friends.  It requires great discipline to break that initial ice in such an environment.  As with any task that requires discipline the payoffs are great.  Girls usually are bored on the subway or bus and they LOVEbeing approached.  They will almost always have a conversation with you if you don’t give off creepy vibes.

There are a couple of ways to ensure you approach on the subway.  The first is making a promise to yourself and making sure you have to get off the next station unless you do an approach.  This keeps you disciplined and makes sure your commutes will become hellishly long unless you approach.  Another tip I can give you is just keep approaching on your mind when you walking into the train so you can instantly go for a girl.  If you sit down and wait you’ll start getting Approach Anxiety and will not approach.  I suggest going in with a direct approach because it lets her know what you intentions are.  A half assed indirect approach is usually not a great idea for a newbie.  Indirect approaches are better when you have developed some finesse and are socially maneuverable.  Remember to keep approaching like a madman in the subway if you want to succeed at dating in Toronto.