Hosting Parties: The Easy Way to Get Laid

hot sorority girls torontoSocial Circle Game is a great way to improve and compliment cold approach game but requires its own set of rules.  Its more akin to farming than fishing (which is what cold approach like).

One part of social circle game that is absolutely essential is parties.  These are ultimately the nuclear bombs of your social life if you use them right.  People love partying and if you can bring them that you are adding big value to their lives.  This makes you a social connector which makes you very attractive to girls.  Host a couple of awesome parties and invite a lot of cool people and you’ll make your way into their social circle.  It is hugely important to invite cool people and not your nerdy Warcraft friend or creepy pickup artists.  If you don’t know any cool girls to invite then get your ass out cold approaching and tell them to come to your party.

For your actual party make sure you chose a venue that’s easy to access.  If you don’t have your own place ask a buddy to let you co-host with him.  Another essential factor to consider is the day you’re throwing the party.  It must be on a weekend as more people will show up.  Ensure that you have a lot of booze on tap and don’t be cheap, buy as much liquor as needed.  IF you are sending out cold approach invites expect a lot of flakes so invite more girls than you can afford to have.  Most girls have packed social lives so you have to be prepared for a high flake rate.  I’d say inviting 50-60 girls will ensure at least 5-15 will come if your game’s decent and they like you.  For this reason invite 3-7 guys at most as a higher female to male ratio will make the party much more enjoyable.

At the actual party focus more on socializing and mingling than trying to pickup girls.  You’ve already established yourself as a cool guy so just let them show interest in you and pull at the end of the night.  Focus on being the good host and everything will come into place.  This is gold for building a strong social circle with great looking girls.

Try out my suggestions and put together a couple of parties.  Tell me how it goes.  This works great in Toronto since there are a lot of younger people going to one of the many colleges and Universities here.  Young girls LOVE house parties and this is a beautiful opportunity to build a life with a lot of young girls.  Leave me a comment telling me how it goes….

Logistics 101 for Toronto Players

Logistics is one of the most important aspects of any man’s game.  Having great logistics will ensure you get laid far more than you would living in the suburbs.

Toronto is a huge city and many players live in the suburbs.  This limits their ability to bring girls back and is probably one of the biggest roadblocks an experienced player has.

It is therefore essential that you live near the core, even if it  means living in a shitty neighborhood such as Sherbourne and Dundas.  If you have to stay with roommates do it.  Make sure your roommates are cool and allow you to bring girls back without them cockblocking you.  The closer you are to downtown the easier it is to bring girls back.  Its pretty hard to pull girls when you live one hour out from downtown.

For all of you players who can’t move downtown, your second best solution is having cool friends who live downtown.  This ensures you can crash at their place for late nights and occasionally bring girls back there if they allow you.  Ask them to have amazing parties at their place where you’ll bring a boatload of girls.

Logistics are huge and money is something you need for them.  This is why every PUA or player in Toronto should try to be financially stable which allows for a closer and better pad.  Make sure you keep your bathroom and bedroom neat and keep the toilet paper stocked(Credit to Jlaix for that one).

Toronto Social Circle Creation: The Ultimate Guide to Dating Abundance

Hot Swedish girl

I’ve been thinking of trying something new recently, and that is social circle infiltration and creation.

Most Pickup Artists tell you cold approach the key to success with women.  I’m not disputing that but there is another important element that can boost your game and get you laid more often and faster.

When you are cold approaching you have a low rate of success if you are not experienced.  This is why I suggest a newbie work on his social circle game after he has done a few months of cold approaching.  If he has been reading the right inner game material to sort out his inner game and has been cold approaching at least 4 days a week for 3 or 4 months he’ll be ready for social circle creation.  The fact is that getting closes from cold approach is very difficult and takes a long time to master unless you accelerate it with bootcamps.  The best way to get poon on the side while working on your cold approach is to cultivate a social circle so you can have abundance even if cold approach is not yielding fruits for you.

The amount of time it takes for a guy to get sex from cold approach depends on the level of experience and age.  For example an 18 year old who can’t get into bars in Toronto will have to rely on day game.  There is the whole issue of logistics in such a big city like Toronto if you live in the suburbs.  However the benefits of cold approach are immeasurableness and must not be avoided.  At the same time its better for you if you are actually getting laid.  This is why creating a social circle and getting into parties is essential especially for younger guys.  Logistics take care of themselves when you are at a house party.

Now, if you are a guy with no social cirlce and no access to hot girls, what can you do?

1. Meet Girls through school.  Just be friendly, you don’t have to try to “game” them or anything.  Don’t worry about being a chode but just act normally and become friends with them.  The reason I tell you to be friendly is because new  guys to the game are constantly trying to be “alpha” which is not yet congruent to themselves.  Experimentation and risk taking are for cold approaches and are not well suited for social circle game.

2. Also meet guys through mutual pastimes.  Play some sports and join some clubs and you’ll meet cool guys who will get you into parties.

3. Once you know a bunch of people you can access parties and get familiar with people there.  Girls will show interest in you if you are acting cool and chill.  If you have been cold approaching outside of your social circle you’ll be set as you will be a naturally cool guy.  Cold approach is the toughest but after doing that for a few months other social situations will be a lot easier.

If you don’t go to school or university, then its a bit tougher for you but you can still create a social circle.  Here’s how-

1.  Join some clubs or sports that you are interested in.  As a man you should always be trying to learn new things.  Use groupon to find cheap classes.  Meet people there and invite them out for a drink and establish a solid friendship.  People who play the same sport or are in the same club easily become friends.

2.  Cold approach girls with the intention of hanging out with them and meeting their friends.  Approach average girls and don’t show much sexual interest but be genuinely interested in forging a friendship.  Hang out with her and meet her friends.  Become the cool guy inthe group and you’ll be invited to parties.

To recap, BECOME FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE.  Thats all there is to it.  Thats what I’m doing right now and its going pretty well.  Have a positive attitude and don’t think people will blow you off and you’ll be good.  Just have some cold approach experience before you do this if you don’t feel confident about your social skills.  If you do achieve a cool social circle don’t get lazy and keep approaching girls outside of your social circle.  This will ensure you have the best of both worlds and will improve your game learning curve.  After all, getting laid from your social circle will result in less outcome dependence for your cold approaches and skyrocket your success.  You’ll go into approaches with the knowledge that you are offering value and the girl is the one who is the lucky one.   This is a great strategy for Toronto where cold approach is a difficult art(which is why a lot of the big pickup artists like Mystery, Cajun, Tenmagnet, and Papa are from Toronto).

Pickup in Toronto Will Make Your Game Skyrocket

Beautiful Thai Girls-TorontoToronto is given a somewhat bad reputation in terms of pickup.  It is the home of the pickup artist for a reason.  Its considered the toughest city to pickup in Toronto and necessity breeds innovation.  The fact is that if you can succeed in Toronto you’ll do amazingly well in places like Montreal, Brazil, Colombia, South East Asia, and many parts of Europe.  I was recently visiting a small college town in the US and  I found that girls there were more laid back and open to being approached.  It seems that girls in Toronto are used to guys hitting on them and this results in it being more difficult to talk to them.

However, if you have the willpower to keep persevering in Toronto you will be rewarded massively when you are in other cities. Most older women or experienced women in Toronto will most likely come off cold during the initial start-up of the conversation. This is where the individual’s will power will be tested.

The hardest day game venue in Toronto has to be the Eaton Centre and Yonge Dundas square. There are multiple reasons why this is the case. Besides the massive crowd of people and constant visual and auditory stimulation; the sound of people talking and constant music blasting from stores. Doing a approach in front of all the people and constant simulation is far more difficult than in a more quiet and relaxed place.  The mind begins to play tricks and if you don’t start approaching fast when you get there you will feel yourself getting in to your head very fast.  Its very important to start being social and talking to people to keep yourself from getting into your head.

Some days I feel like giving up when I walk for 10 minutes and see no cute girls.  But I don’t, I keep moving because I enjoy this and have fun. I think having fun is the first and foremost priority, if the girls are stuck up and “unsocial” here in Toronto, than being in the positive state of mind is definitely a must. If the girl initially comes off “cold”, ignore it and keep on talking in a positive tune.  Plowing is massively important in Toronto as girls are used to guys hitting on them.  If you can plow well you’ll do well in Toronto.   You also will have to hit hard during the initial approach if you are going direct as you need to show awesome confidence.  The best way to do this is to have great strong eye contact and completely focus on her eyes for the first few seconds of the interaction.  This is something that really sparks that initial attraction.

Make Pickup Fun and Boost Your Game Instantly

Going out with friends is an amazing way to start out with pickup.  It keeps you motivated and allows you to have a fun time when you’re out.  This is especially true for a newer guy, as starting pickup is a nerve wracking experience and each approach is a new foray into fear.  Having buddies and playing games can make sure you approach and make it fun.  I have a few favorite ways to keep the momentum up.  Remember, focus on having fun and don’t just be thinking about pickup.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you must focus on having fun.  If it’s not fun you might as well give up right now.  You have to push through a few crappy interactions if its means you get into state.
The second goal is to challenge yourself and keep pushing your limits.

Me and my friends have a game where we do both of these simultaneously.  This results in epic situations and laughs while pushing our pickup boundaries at the same time.  Most importantly it rids us of outcome dependence as we just worry about ourselves doing a challenge and not the girls response.  We  dare each other to do crazy things like opening large groups by going up to one girl in the middle of the food court.  The dare must be in the challenge and must not depend on the girls reaction.  For example, you can’t tell your wingman to get a girls number.  However you can send him into a very tough set for a minute and force him to stay in there for that whole minute.

This game is a great way to accelerate your pickup growth.  You’ll always be pushing yourself to the limit and thus breaking through sticking points at a rapid pace.  This game also makes sure that you focus less on the outcome and more on the dare itself.  Watching your friends do crazy antics also keeps you in an awesome state and results just naturally start to arrive.   You have to always take up challenges and make sure there’s a negative consequence if you don’t.  This will keep you disciplined and make sure you follow up on the dares.  For example, you lose a dollar for each dare you don’t perform.  Keep playing this game and you’ll improve rapidly

The Best Strategy for Day Game

There is an extraordinarily easy way to talk to a girl during the daytime and have a high chance of success.  Its simple and all of us can do it.  All you have to do is find a seated girl and chat her up.  Since she’s seated she isn’t in a hurry and you can sit yourself down and start talking without her walking away.  You have a larger window of time before she decides to leave since its against human nature to move from a comfortable spot.  If she does decide to leave its because you have made her very uncomfortable or if she has to go somewhere.  Contrast this with a girl who’s walking by in the mall.  When you stop her you break the flow that she’s in(walking down the mall) and she has to be initially attracted to keep talking to you.  When you sit down next to a seated girl she’ll chat with you even she’s not attracted.  This gives you a chance to keep talking and draw the girl into your world and get her interested in you.Remember to keep this information in mind whenever you are out sarging.  Always look for seated girls and remember to approach every one of them.  If you are in a mall look for girls sitting down on the seats in the middle of the mall.  Another good tip is to visit coffee shops, Pizza Pizza’s, shops, and parks.  Moving sets in the mall are the hardest to pickup during the daytime  but are great practice because of their difficulty.  Doing those moving sets will build up your voice and you’ll be able to command attention at the start of the interaction easily.  This will come in handy when you go talk to these seated sets as you’ll make a loud entrance.  Tell me what you think of this topic and your experiences with it in the comments section.

Toronto Eaton Centre Pickup Guide

The Eaton Centre is the biggest malls in Toronto and one of the worlds most popular day game locations.  Many successful PUA’s  have visited the Eaton Centre and practiced picking up girls in the daytime here.  The mall is located smack in the middle of downtown and is full of a lot of people.  It can be considered one of the tougher day game venues in Toronto and is an excellent place to sharpen your skills.  I’ve been visitng Eaton Centre each weekend for the past 6 months and I have to say that the mall setting is very benefical for the newbie player trying to learn how to approach women in the daytime.  Since there are so many women in the Eaton Centre you can easily warm up and get yourself into state within 20 minutes.  Eaton Centre is therefore a great first stop on your day game iternary.  Do a few approaches there and you can move to other venues which may have less women but better logistics(girls who are stationary).

However, the Eaton Centre can still be a great place to pickup women if you have the right skillset.  There are some guidelines you should follow to maximize your Eaton Centre success rate.

-Always build relationships with store workers so they don’t get suspicious when you are chatting up customers.  If they already think you are a social guy from your interactions with them they’ll think you’re just being your usual self.

-The Queen street entrance is far busier than the top floor Sears entrance to the Eaton Centre.

-The food court is a hive of activity, this area is excellent because the girls are sitting down.

-There are couches in the middle of the hallway throughout the Eaton Centre.  Look for girls sitting by themselves on them as this is good logistics for a pickup.  They’re usually bored waiting for somebody.

-Look for girls walking slowly through the mall, these girls usually have time to kill and won’t mind chatting to a cute guy like yourself.

-When do you get a girls number and need to hide low for a bit so she doesn’t catch you talking to other girls, go outside on Yonge- Dundas square.

-Ryerson University is right nearby, go there to meet cute Eastern European girls.  Make sure you go there when the school year is going on because its empy right now as the spring semester just finished.

More Toronto Daygame Pickup Venues!

I’ve been going out even more recently and been doing even more day game.  I’ve found even more daytime venues in Toronto that can be great for up and coming players.

Hotel Lobbies and Bars-  These are great hunting grounds for an older man.  There are many women who are visiting Toronto for tourism or business reasons.  Tourists are often looking for excitement and you can fill that role.  Women are far more adventurous when travelling than at home so take advanatage of that.  Younger guys might find girls their age but you have to be observant and charming to ensure you don’t get cockblocked by their parents.

Kensington Market-  I personally have not had a lot of experience with Kensington market but its supposed to a great spot for pickup.  Its a very casual place filled with young people.  People are very relaxed in the area and are just looking to have fun.  This is a great place for pickup if you are into alternative music or spirituality.   There are also a lot of weed smokers here.

Bloor Street shopping area-  This shopping area is situated right in downtown Toronto and is definatly a great spot to pick up girls. This place has a lot of high-end classy girls, where they shop after a hards days work, but what they don’t know is you can make their day that much better by making a simulating conversation and eventually getting their number.

PATH-  This is a golden gem of a pickup area.  If you live downtown this is a great place to meet girls while you are going through your day.  You could also grab your laptop and work at one of the busy areas and just pick and choose the girls as they come along.  PATH is great because you don’t really have to change your schedule to meet girls, you can just meet them while you are going through you day.

Parks- Large parks such as High Park can be a great place to meet girls while relaxing and having fun.  Parks are generally a very chill place and a great place to have a Day 2 as you can have a lot of fun while in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Beaches- Toronto has some great beaches and you can take advantage of that during the summer when its warm.  I suggest that you workout before you try this because initial impressions are even more important on the beach.  Being flabby or too skinny won’t help you much with your shirt off unless you have very tight game.

Top 6 Toronto Daygame Venues to Meet Girls

Toronto Pickup VenuesEaton Centre- This mall is the biggest in Toronto and is often packed.  I like it best on Thursdays around 5-6 pm because its not too crowded but has a lot of women shopping after work.  It gets very busy during weekends especially during warm weather.  The Eaton Centre is also in the heart of downtown Toronto, in the intersection between Dundas and Yonge. Dundas Square is also conviently nearby and is always filled with people ranging from tourist groups, mostly from Europe and regulars wanting to see the bright lights during nighttime.

Yorkdale Mall- Yorkdale Mall is a great location to meet girls from North York.  Its a classy mall with classy ladies.  I usually alternate between Yorkdale and Eaton.  Yorkdale is best on the weekends and usually not great on weekdays.  Its one of my favorite day game venues because of the high caliber of girls that frequent the place.

Ryerson University-  Ryerson is a 5 minute walk from Eaton Centre and is a great place to meet Eastern European and other exotic ladies.  Its a great place to pickup after you warmup inside the Eaton Centre.  This is a great venue for younger guys who could easily mix in with the student population.

University of Toronto- of T doesn’t have have a very beautiful student population but there are still a few hotties around campus.  Its also located centrally and is close to some great student bars.  Check out Bloor and Spadina intersection as there are always great looking women in that area.

York University- A great place to pickup if you live near it.  The girls there are great looking and its known as a party school.  The only drawback is that its very far from downtown Toronto.

The Subway-  The TTC is a great spot to pickup girls if you know what you are doing.  Subway rides are very boring and girls will be appreciative if you making it more exciting.  Its easy to strike up a conversation in the subway because people are seated.  Just find out what stop she’s getting off at so you can get her contact info before she has to get off.