Night game is an excellent way to meet beautiful women. Most women love going out with their friends to have the time of their lives. A big part of that fun is the chance of meeting guys whom they can dance, flirt and go home with. No matter what type of women you’re into, the Toronto night scene has venues that these ladies go to.

There are several hot spots you can expect people to be on your regular weekend. Here’s the breakdown of the areas and possible venues you can attend.


Home of the hipsters. If you come to this part of town, you’ll find the easiest going people here. The venues are cheap to get into and the music is great. It’s known as a hipster part of town but you can find all types of ladies here from teachers, office workers to artsy girls and waiters. the women you’re going to find here have been going out and are more mature so they know when they like a guy and want to go home with you.

Baby Hueys

There are several places you can find on Ossington. Two very popular places are Baby hueys and The Ossington. Both venues are bars. Baby Hueys is a small bar which is actually supposed to be a house but they changed the interior to hold a bar and a mini dance floor. Come here early because if you come anytime after you’re going to be waiting in line for a long time. There’s a 5$ cover entry fee.

The Ossington

The Ossington which is located directly across the street from baby hueys is a similar type of venue. The same type of people go to The Ossington and the only difference is The Ossington is a little bigger. same rules apply with the line and cover.

The Queen side are two of my personal favourite places in the area. Dog & Bear and the Drake Hotel. These two venues probably drive the most people to this area because they hold the most people in the area.


Dog&Bear is the best place to go if you’re out of money. They let anyone in since there’s no dress code and cover is free. Come early because the line here gets long. Thankfully though, unlike Baby Hueys and The Ossington, Dog&Bear lets groups of people in at a time. This venue is more on the country side. Expect to find country gals there and your locals who enjoy free cover.

The Drake Hotel

Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel my personal favourite in the area is a big venue with three levels. The basement where they play hip hop and trap music, the main level where they play popular and trendy music and they have an upper level where people can smoke or just stand outside on the patio. The crowd that attends here are young professionals and people who are established and live in the area. You can find a lot of Italian and Portuguese women here, but a lot of different kinds of girls come here too. Every one chooses to dress nice here. Surprisingly though there isn’t a dress code. You should still dress nice to help your chances.

There are many small bars located all across Queen and Ossington. At the end of the night when all clubs and bars shut down, everyone pours onto the streets to get late night food or just to hang around. This is the best time to meet people because everyone is loosened up and with so much people it feels like a street party. I would recommend coming down here only on a Friday and Saturday night. most people here work 5 days a week so this area isn’t going to be super packed on a regular weeknight.

Bloor Street West

This area lies between Bloor and St,George street until Bloor and Bathurst. This area is great if you’re into university/college girls because you probably won’t find any girl there out of the age range of 19-23. Being a student area, no dress code is enforced. The most prominent names in this location are the Madison pub house aka the Maddy, and the Brunswick House aka the Brunny.

The Maddy

This place used to be packed with all types of girls going to school. But over the years has developed a more international vibe to it becoming the gathering place for international students learning English. You can expect to meet foreign girls from Asia, South America, and Europe there. The Maddy for the most part is a bar, so expect to be talking a lot during your night here. On Their feature night which is Thursday, they do open the dance floor in their lower level for anyone using language barrier as an excuse.  The Maddy is still quite solid on Thurdays from 11 PM to 1 AM, but it has experienced a decline otherwise for various reasons.  There are a few weekends where its jam packed, but now the Maddy is a last case resort for Thursdays.  Go there if you either are really into Latinas, or if you live nearby.  The Maddy used to be amazing but the crazy influx of Toronto PUAs has taken its toll on the venue.

The Brunny

the brunny

The Brunny is where you’re going to find more Canadian born university girls. The venue is a giant dance floor, with a few sections to buy alcohol. The girls that go here are very into party life and love to dance and grind. I don’t recommend the Brunny for the timid because the guys here get pretty aggressive and there’s that saying that goes “If we don’t get laid then we can always go to the Brunny to see a fight”.


There are a few venues around Bloor that add to the scene like dance cave and the frat houses on the U of T campus, but your main bet is to go to one of the two top places. Bloor is usually busiest between Thursday-Saturday. There is street game potential but people usually don’t stay out on Bloor too late at night. Usually they grab food and go home. Another thing I’d note is that since the girls are young and less experienced there will be a lot more trouble from the friends of girls you’re trying to pick up. knowing this, you should be prepared so you don’t think the friends hate you and are trying to block you. enjoy your time here.

King Street West

If there’s one location every aspiring Toronto PUA should go to.  , it’s King Street West. Here you will find the hottest women in Toronto. The venues here are top notch and a lot won’t let you in unless you’re dressed well. It might seem like a tough place to crack and the people hard to talk to, but this is the place you need to go if you want to better your skills and yourself. There are a bunch of places you can go on king. It’s the hottest area in Toronto right now.  King Street West, and the nearby Entertainment district are also excellent venues for street game.


PUA Toronto

This place is absolutely amazing. You can’t say you’ve gone out at night before going to Uniun. The girls here are hot, the music is on point(if you like EDM) and the venue is designed perfectly. The main floor consist of a walk way with booths on both sides, then at the end there’s a giant dance floor. In the very back is the VIP section. There are actually two VIP sections. One in the front and one in the back. The back section is more exclusive. Downstairs holds the washrooms and a lounge area. Union itself is a very loud venue, so I don’t advise trying to talk the whole night because you will lose your voice. If you really want to be talking try bringing girls down to the lounge area where it’s a little quieter and there you can do some talking.


Is the haven for dolled up university chicks. This venue used to be called the Bloke&4th. Back then it was a hotspot for established men and women. Now it’s the spot for the up and comers. With it’s yuppy vibe (young professional) you can find young beauties with the friends ready to be picked up. Although the Bloke is easier to get into than it’s previous title, it does hold criterias to enter. It doesn’t matter who you know or who you came with, or even if you’re confident or not.  You should dress relatively well and make sure you look like you belong. Bloke is most popular Friday and Saturday, but you can catch it open on Thursday and Sunday as well for a great time.

The Citizen is another new club on King Street West. If you come here, you’ll find a giant bar surrounded by the front area which is where the booths and mingling areas are. In the back there’s another bar, seating areas, and a dancefloor. Citizen is home to a lot of office parties. You can find people of all ages here, but most of them will be working class people who are probably out with colleagues and friends. Citizen prides itself on being a very up scale place.  You need to be wearing at least a dress shirt and shoes to get in. But it’s clear they only want well dressed and cool people having fun in there. most guys in there are wearing suits, and the women are very finely dressed as well. good days to go to citizen are Thursday-Saturday. Make it out on a Thursday if you can because that’s when there’s no cover and dress code is most lenient.  Citizen also fills up extremely early, so I highly suggest you get there by 10:00 PM so getting in isn’t an issue.  If you’re a group of guys, split up into 2s or bring some girls.


Now to touch on the dress code subject. King street is known as the financial district. Each club on this strip has an image to uphold. If they let people badly dressed in then it could compromise the crowd that attends the venue. So dressing nice isn’t about using looks to pick up girls and it doesn’t reinforce that, but in some areas you won’t get in the door unless you look a certain way.


All these places have amazing street game potential after the clubs let out. These are also a few of the good clubs in the areas. combined there’s an unlimited amount of girls you can approach on a nightly basis. If you want to speed up your learning curve and get better with women then the night outs will really help you get to where you want to be.

Day Game

If you’d like to find some daygame venues check our Toronto daygame venues article.

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