There is an extraordinarily easy way to talk to a girl during the daytime and have a high chance of success.  Its simple and all of us can do it.  All you have to do is find a seated girl and chat her up.  Since she’s seated she isn’t in a hurry and you can sit yourself down and start talking without her walking away.  You have a larger window of time before she decides to leave since its against human nature to move from a comfortable spot.  If she does decide to leave its because you have made her very uncomfortable or if she has to go somewhere.  Contrast this with a girl who’s walking by in the mall.  When you stop her you break the flow that she’s in(walking down the mall) and she has to be initially attracted to keep talking to you.  When you sit down next to a seated girl she’ll chat with you even she’s not attracted.  This gives you a chance to keep talking and draw the girl into your world and get her interested in you.Remember to keep this information in mind whenever you are out sarging.  Always look for seated girls and remember to approach every one of them.  If you are in a mall look for girls sitting down on the seats in the middle of the mall.  Another good tip is to visit coffee shops, Pizza Pizza’s, shops, and parks.  Moving sets in the mall are the hardest to pickup during the daytime  but are great practice because of their difficulty.  Doing those moving sets will build up your voice and you’ll be able to command attention at the start of the interaction easily.  This will come in handy when you go talk to these seated sets as you’ll make a loud entrance.  Tell me what you think of this topic and your experiences with it in the comments section.

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