This is a post for the intermediate, advanced, and the intelligent beginner.

This post will seem a bit long winded at first, it’s a divergence from the normal theory, and puts forth a basic assertion I will summarize in one sentence:

You need to actually love women, not like them, not just want to fuck them, you have to enjoy the experience of interacting with women from beginning to end. Now, some are going to take this out of context and take it as “Worship the pussy” or “put it on a pedestal”, but that’s not what I mean in the slightest. To clarify for our logically and experience challenged under/over-analyzers, you need to really appreciate the details of her, but understand that she is just that, something to enjoy and experience NOT SOMETHING YOU NEED OR PERFECT.

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Let’s be honest. You’re reading this because you’ve been searching, inspected, and feverishly attempting to find the philosopher’s stone of pickup. That little line, that plan, that strategy, that perfect technique to capture the hearts and minds of the tens of the world, a magic spell that when uttered or gestured stops them in their tracks and makes their heart LEAVE THEIR CHEST, and fly into the palm of your hands like some twisted video game.

I have good news, and I have bad news.

The bad news, is that it doesn’t exist. Now, don’t let that discourage you, because to be honest, I have both experienced and witnessed the supposedly almost miraculous magical even that is a ten minute pull. The truth is, there’s nothing magical, or fantastical about it. It’s a beautiful experience. But, to put it in basic terms, all it is (like all pulls and interactions) is a clicking of two individuals interests, emotions, and identification with one another and deciding to express it. That’s it. It’s not “I pulled her” or “She pulled me”, it’s mutual, simple, and often refreshing.

“But Oh Wise One? How does it actually happen? Why doesn’t that ALWAYS happen?”

Because, there are too many variables. There is an importance placed on screening for a reason. Most men see a hot girl and think “I just want to have sex wit something attractive”, and hence either are in weirdly dysfunctional relationships held together by each member supplicating at alternating times or something equally unnatural. To a degree, the best experiences, relationships, sex, etc. etc. comes from a clicking that some would call “getting lucky”, where everything just happens to go perfect and you and the girl get along nicely. This, isn’t just the variables in the room, the moment you talked to her the planets aligned (in a way, it is because she had to be there at that moment put there for you to talk to) it’s more than that, it’s the cultivation of your experiences, your aura, your thoughts leading up to that moment and beyond. How you think and what you believe which leads to how you walk and talk, which leads to etc. etc.

Would you believe me, if I said what separates, the great, from the “pretty good” and barely pulling is the pain, the negativity, the hurt many men hold onto in regards to their experiences with women. That backhanded remark she offered you, the girl in fifth grade that called you ugly, the social stigma of interacting with a woman and the horrible ungodly experience of….dare I say it..rejection! These are all experiences that hurt a man’s (I use that term loosely) ego, and more importantly his view of women. Every woman you talk to, you bring subconsciously every experience with women that remains prevalent in your mind. For instance, who is more likely to be successful, the guy beaten down from a young age by girls until his adulthood, or the guy that was surrounded by women that appreciated him? It’s obvious, the guy who cultivates positive reference experiences with women.

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So: Tip 1# Cultivate Positive Experiences with women & make girls that are you know, FRIENDS.

Why? The difference between the guy who has several friends that are girls that like him, hang out with him and make the experience of being around girls normal vs. the guy that barely talks to them and tries to jump in dick first and comes across as calibrated as a brick is who actually has friends that are girls.

You have to actually enjoy female energy. Conversation with women, is easiest when you aren’t focused on the vagina, it’s actually easier when you are focused on her energy, her scent, her voice, her facial expression, her femininity more than some social construct of “HOLY SHIT SHE’S HOT”. You need to just enjoy it, when you enjoy her for being a woman, it gives her freedom to enjoy you being a man. It inspires you to do what’s natural, lead, command and challenge, have fun and do whatever you feel like, in the moment, push her against the wall, kiss her etc. etc. JUST FOR FUN. Because, ultimately, a woman will literally tell you everything you want to know if you really look, feel, and ride the vibe.

In Part 2, I am going to focus on just tactics, strategies and ways to really benefit from this style of enjoying the woman, and how it can:

-Make your approaching effortless

-Make the conversations simple

-Easily help you make girl friends and high quality girls fall in love with you

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