You want results? Let’s hit the field, and meet beautiful women! How do you expect to build a muscle by simply reading a ‘how to’? You won’t build ANYTHING unless you get off your ass, and either push yourself, or get a trainer to push you in the direction YOU want to go.

I learned how to pick up women by going out consistently, and being committed to the journey. And just like you, I started from nothing, other than a GOAL to get laid. I literally set criteria’s to work on, every night, in order to ensure constant growth (like tracking your sets, and reps in the gym).

I’ve been in the game now for 5 years. I’ve had HUGE success AND failures! After learning what YOU need, I will know what will work best for you, and what wont. Everyone is different, and requires a personal approach, BUT, don’t get me wrong, I WILL push your limits!

Guys have had panic attacks during the bootcamp one night, because I pushed them OUT of their failed comfort zone. But they came back the next night STRONGER and MORE CONFIDENT with beautiful women around them. Isn’t that what you want?

“A bootcamp with WhiteRanger has resulted in a paradigm shift for myself when it comes to dating and pick up going from a 2/10  to a 8/10 with confidence level with women in a matter of days. Just hours into the bootcamp, it quickly became obvious how receptive and compliant women become to you just by applying simple techniques that Toronto Pickup can teach you. Since then, I have been successful in approach to number closing and interacting with women. Toronto pick up and WhiteRanger  are the real deal when it comes to ‘game’ and are highly recommended.” ~ Will, Toronto

So if improving your life involves meeting and interacting with more women AND feeling confident doing it, then by all means do a Bootcamp Now.

Having gone from a complete nobody to to pickup all-star, WhiteRanger has learned and continues to master the “natural” method. Lines, routines, or fake stories are not part of his method. His style involves getting physical, dominant, and letting the woman do the gaming.