Toronto Bootcamp: Dating and Pickup Coaching

“Will you be my Wingman?  We Take To The Toronto Streets, Clubs And Bars While I Teach You How To Be Better With Women Every Single Step Of The Way?”


 A boot camp designed to get rid of the uncertainty and accelerate your learning process. You’ll meet more Toronto Women in one weekend than you’ve ever imagined.  We can take care of this area of your life TODAY…
FROM TorontoPickup Coaches: 

Let’s get started…

The goal of this boot camp is uncomplicated:  For you to get impact-full experience and to have you be better with women.

Our Toronto-based Clients arrive with varying skill levels (from novice to advanced) and always finish with incredible gains.

Why are we able to get you these powerful outcomes so quickly?

    1. We take you out into the streets, malls, cafes, bars and clubs to demonstrate how to meet women right in front of you.
    2. We act as your personal wingman and meet women together.
    3. We do everything step-by-step with you – body language, things to say, how to escalate, everything and anything…)
    4. We then give feedback to you that you need to get this area of your life completely figured out.

We’ve structured the program so that if you have never approached a woman randomly out in public or at a social setting, you WILL feel totally comfortable.

You can spend hours reading on the internet how to do this, but there’s no easier way than to take a boot camp.

I spent a weekend with WhiteRanger and there’s no underestimating the level of skill he has, it’s incredible to see how relaxed he is with each interaction and what is really possible. Just witnessing him in action with girls was worth the price of bootcamp, the reactions the girls got from him were beyond what I had ever seen. I came with the intention of breaking through with my problem of not taking action, by the end of the second night I had so much momentum I was on my own and didn’t even look for WhiteRanger’s help, month’s worth of inaction defeated in a single weekend. 

– Dexter from Toronto

TorontoPickup’s teaching method’s have consistently proven to be a proven success, this is the program you want to take to accelerate your  success with women in Toronto.


Learn From Toronto’s Top Dating Coaches Whose Job Is To Advise You On How To Be Successful With Women

What to expect of our services:

You’ll meet the instructors and they will interview you a little bit of your life story and diagnose all of your particular needs.  Then we will take you out to one of the top Toronto venues to pick up women, and demonstrate how it is done.

Right there in front of you we will illustrate various ways of pick-up methods – from beginning to closing to demonstrating to you all possible angles of what it looks like to seduce women in real life.

After watching and fully understand what to do from the live demonstration, we will further answer any questions and explain all the important details until you are comfortable with the methods.

We help you understand and drill in all CRUCIAL methods of how to be good with girls, right there in front of you, live and with real women until you to can produce the same success as the instructors.

Our instructors will open up their vaults to give you EVERYTHING that you need, from:

  • Full access to all of our opening lines, humor, conversational topics, sexual talk, all various weapons that we’ve used, field tested, and will demonstrate, in real life, for you to achieve the same crazy level of success as the instructors.  Once you’ve familiarized with the foundation, the instructor will be able to personalize your own set of pick up methods that is congruent with your personality and adaptable not only in Toronto but wherever various types of women are found.
  • Real life demonstration of the most effective attractive behaviors from proper body language, conversational topics, humor and expressing sexuality until you can replicate the same behaviors for the next time you see an attractive woman, in any Toronto setting, and ultimately seduce her.
  •  A detailed explanation of all possible situations that are consistently showing up when interacting with girls and a step-by-step process to easily disarm/steer the situation to your advantage.
  • Detail explanation of expressing natural game and to interact with woman conveying authenticity and congruence with your personality.  Not only will this be a significant factor to shortening your learning curve but will also make the woman like you for who you are.
  • Finally, an explanation and demonstration of inner game (inner game: where you draw your confidence and develop self esteem) Inner game is the theory, thoughts, and beliefs that most natural guys who are successful with women use in their daily interactions.

The instructors will immediately identify all your mistakes that hinder your success from having that elite level of pick up interaction from the beginning to the end.  By making you conscious of these bad habits will significantly improve your game immediately.

The instructors will take you out to the best locations to pick up women in Toronto as your personalize wingman were you meet, get phone numbers, pull girls together and do all that exciting stuff that you’ve dreamed your friends can live up to or unable to support you to pull girls with.

Of course it is not like we will just hand you the girls.  By just hanging out and pulling girls together, you will achieve a sense of competence of knowing how to be successful with girls and of course to be able to do it on your own.

When on the Toronto bootcamp, the instructor will give you all the feedback, will identify all the things you are doing wrong, instruct you how to cut back on your drawbacks, enhance the things you are doing correct, and implement all various ideas, methods, and demonstrate how to apply them.

We’ve developed this Toronto bootcamp program, for you to install all proper methods of what a successful pick up interaction is in your brain so after taking the program you will be able to use everything you’ve learn the next time you wish to seduce attractive women in Toronto and in the World in general.

Our night out will completely change your perspective of Toronto and ultimately find a new source of confidence in interacting with women and generally your view on life!


The Toronto Bootcamp Will Direct You On the Right Path And Provide a Positive Entry Into The Dating Game


Your first experience of the boot camp is winging with the best guys that Toronto can offer, feeling totally comfortable, and having girls into you – then your lifelong outlook towards the whole thing will be a lot more positive and snowball in the right direction.

When winging with the best instructors of Toronto, you will view this Dating Game in a totally new positive perspective.  You will start to feel relax and have actual girls into you.  Then all that negative impressions of approaching girls will be unwired and will start a new impression, a positive momentum build up of a snowball rolling down the right path.

Our instructors’ knows the significance of creating the most positive impressions for you to experience when entering the dating game.

The program is structured in a way where you are completely at ease, free from any anxiety.  Where you interacting with women come out totally natural and normal.

Our instructors explored all the corners and crevices of Toronto to approach and seduce women experiencing  all the hell and mental-psychological-drama of dealing with all the negative impression of figuring out how to get good with woman.  We know that a majority of guys don’t have the time or patience to go through that process of trial and failures to figuring out this seducing women skill set.

It would be easier for you to take a Toronto bootcamp and have all that reference experience that the instructors went through presented to you on a silver platter.  Were the information and demonstration is presented in such a way that is clear and doesn’t leave you any unanswered questions.

That is why it is important to take the Toronto bootcamp because the INFIELD way of teaching is the best method to save time, energy, money, and quickest way to learn seducing women.

Our instructors have been exploring and seducing women in Toronto life, day and night, rain or shine (or snow),  every weekend for years.  They’ve instructed various types of guys of different skill levels from Toronto and Toronto’s surrounding areas.  From Guelph, Brampton, Ajax, Kitchener, London … etc etc .  Through experience, they know EXACTLY how to make you feel comfortable with yourself and see and feel that this “seducing woman” is actually not a big deal and is actually fun.  That it’s actually super EASY when you know all the skill sets and experience first hand all the positive experiences that seducing girls is natural for a man to do.


Our Instructors Have Trained Students From Various Places In Toronto and Surrounding Areas


The instructors have trained various students coming from Toronto’s surrounding cities.  They’ve trained students of various cultures, ethnicity, looks, heights and various skill levels from beginners to intermediate to advance. Pickup student of ours have also come from areas East of Toronto including: Scarborough, Markham, Whitby, Oshawa

And West of Toronto including: Etobico, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Guelph, Kitchiner, Waterloo, London and Hamilton

The instructors are expected to meet TWO different types that a student may fall under:

1) The Noobie Level:  Has no experience cold approaching.

  • The boot camp is developed to draw attention to simple and essential skills and mindsets.
  • Through demonstration, the noobie will know where to start and know what to do when he goes on his own.  To start out to know what to do to start getting results and grow to get good and become congruent to becoming naturally attractive IMMEDIATELY.
  •  GET SOME LEVERAGE and tell your self that this is POSSIBLE.  And see this happened, before your eyes, by the instructor demonstrating to you.  If you’ve never had any experience cold approaching it will be an amazing shock to your reality seeing the instructor pull women CONSISTENTLY.
  • If you have any social anxiety, fear or concern of people of social pressure taking a boot camp will help you discover an inspiration to have fun.  You will learn how to enjoy other peoples, especially women’s, company.  Learn to be indifferent to concerns or dramas that weigh you down due to limiting beliefs.  After the boot camp, you will access this fun state of mind and this freedom you’ve never had before.  This is achieve by the instructors bring you up to their level of state by demonstrating their skills and showing you their methods.

2) Intermediate Level: Guys who go out, do a lot of approaches, are marginal socially adjusted, able to approach and get phone numbers or get laid once or maybe every two months.

  • This program is actually designed for intermediate guys.  The guy in the intermediate purgatory can be stuck for years and years.  The boot camp is 100 percent design for guys who are inconsistent, guys who can get a lot of starts but cannot get a lot of finishes.
  • The primary focus is to get to start to finishes in a systematic way.  It’s easy to approach and hold an interacting for 10 minutes, but what do you do after that 10-minutes or when the interaction becomes tricky or the logistics gets tricky?  Taking a boot camp will help you see how to create and lead interactions were you can make it very very easy for yourself were female’s tests is not really a part of the interaction and make the game much easier for your self.
  • You will learn how to be high value and never give away your value.  That there is no reason that you are not good enough.
  • After the boot camp, an intermediate guy will be able to sig way to that advance guy getting hotter girls much more regular because you will get that sense of: “there is no reason I’m not enough” and also get that holy relaxation and holy indifference the instructors has achieved.
  • It will knock down any limiting believes you have.  The boot camp is all about results oriented and answer how to get dates, phone numbers, girl friend, wife and how to get friends.
  • Basically, it points out what to focus on and how to lose focus of.


If YOU Are Socially Awkward, The Shy Type, A Slow Learner, Or Whatever Is Hindering You From Getting Your Dating Life Fixed: By Taking A Boot Camp, You Will Have the Competence To Get The Women You Want!


The main reason why many guys cannot learn the ways of seducing women no matter how much theory they know is because the knowledge is not “Hard Wired” in their reality.

Social intelligence and emotional intelligence are not learned through reading or watching videos of pick up guys preaching methods of how to seduce women, but it’s learned through DOING and TAKING ACTION.  The “right actions” that practice these certain pick up skills over and over again hard wires to our brain.  These social behaviors and emotional skills then become as automatic as walking and breathing!

Now there are “right actions” that will seduce women and there are “wrong actions” that will creep women out.  Taking a boot camp with our instructors will eliminate all the “wrong actions” and point out and provide “right actions” until it is hard wired into your brain.  Not only will this increase your LEARNING CURVE by taking action, when you see that attractive women you want to seduce, you will NOT THINK and STALL OUT, you will IMMEDIATELY KNOW HOW AND KNOW WHAT TO DO TO GET HER BECAUSE YOU GOT THE REFERENCE EXPERIENCE !

When you take a Boot Camp, the significant factor that will help you understand the process fast and ingrain it to your brain is learning WHILE you see it demonstrated by the instructors and you actually applying it in the REAL WORLD on REAL GIRLS.

The Boot Camp is a perfect time to HARD-WIRE all that theory that you’ve learned.  We’re 100% familiar with ALL current theory that you might have read and we can help you to INTEGRATE what you learned LIVE in the battle field.

Everything that will help you be successful with women will be HARD WIRED when taking the Boot Camp.  We are trained to TEACH you all the methods that will aid you to handle your dating life.

And in addition to that, we cover a wealth of crucial material that you can’t find anywhere else.

Not only will our instructors explain the process in a detailed manner, they will DEMONSTRATE and walk you through the interaction, until you’ve INSTALLED the process to your game.

What the Boot Camp will consists of and what will you be capable of after taking the Boot Camp:

  • First the instructors will demonstrate and explain what the PROCESS that you must follow for the women to know that you are the RIGHT GUY for her.
  • The instructors will teach you various processes of how to talk to women for HOURS.  Once you’ve understand the processes you’ll never fall for the syndrome of “I ran out of things to say.”
  • Learn and understand the correct way of how pick up supposes to look like.  Once you’ve understand and seen with your own eyes then you can design and replicate a similar method suited for your personality.
  • Being able to READ THE SIGNALS OF WOMEN’S BODY LANGUAGE by the instructor identifying various signals and literally pointing them out to you in REAL TIME.
  • Re designing and criticizing your body language from increasing your reaction time, to how you carry yourself, and illustrating immediately that you are a sexual threat to the women you meet.  Demonstrate Male to Woman Interaction vs. Friend to Friend interaction.  Basically, how to stay out of the FRIEND ZONE.
  • Understanding and applying the technique of how to effectively use your voice from vocal projection, pitch, tonality, and the importance of how you speak reflects your social status and categorizes you as an Alpha Male.  Women will be perking themselves up before you’ve finish saying your sentence.
  • The student will get professional opinions and instructions on how to balance and calibrate your personality from when to be cocky, what personality to address girls when they are resistant.  Finding the right balance will lead to huge gains in your game and social skills in general.
  • Lessons on group dynamics and how people are always trying to out do each other for you to gain conscious of what they are doing so you can always be in control of the interaction.
  • Lessons and LIVE DEMONSTRATION of reading signals of when to kiss her.
  • To be able to approach like the professionals by DEMONSTRATING, right in front of you, all possible groups you can approach.  You’ll be able to approach single girls, two sets, three sets, groups, daytime, nighttime, loud clubs, mix sets … every possible set there are.
  • Gain the power of making the right decisions, able to know exactly what to do, able to get the best women, and ENJOY a lifestyle that the average men dream of.
  • Seeing patterns in your interactions that are continuously coming up again and again.
  • Learning how to express your emotions of authority, wit, and passion.
  • A permanent change in perspective of why AGE, MONEY, AND GOOD LOOKS DON’T MATTER when it comes to seducing women.  You are not above the process!
  • The instructors will DEMONSTRATE how to play HARD TO GET and being the BUYER not the SELLER and also walk you through it until you’ve integrated it into your game.  Get the POWER that girls have over men!
  • How to express your intent using NON-VERBAL sub communication and to by pass women’s congruence tests.  These methods are fully understood in the infield since it’s hard to be learn it fully from books.
  • Knowing when to start an “emotional connection” with a woman through LIVE DEMONSTRATION.
  • Instructor Demonstration on how to meet and seduce hired guns (ex: bartenders, hostesses, waitress, store clerks and other hot women that are at work.)
  • The whys and does of applying venue changes, bouncing, and extracting the girl.
  • Being able to convert any initially bad approach or bad interaction and turn it around into a good or positive interaction.
  • Able to convert women’s initial resistance and turn it to sexual tension.
  • Being able to use FRAME CONTROL to win over her’s and direct it to FRAMES that are to your advantage.
  • Know how to make yourself stand out from every other GENERIC GUY who approaches her.  If you stand out you will immediately get her attention and be attracted to you.
  • How to be comfortable and relaxed under the attention.
  • Live demonstrations of simple methods of going for the kiss and get positive reactions.  We’ve got absolute beginners making out with women every boot camp.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Come and take the Boot Camp yourself and see the massive amount of content that you can easily learn and apply to increase your dating life.

The BOOT CAMP is a LIVE and IN FIELD style of teaching.  It’s design to shorten your learning curve, make it simpler to understand, and provide you with an accurate detail process that I believe every male should learn.

In summary,

The instructor will take you by the hand (literally if they have to), address all your questions, and step by step as fast as possible, teach you the ways of being a man with an abundance of women.  It does not matter if you have never tried to approach a woman before, tried in the past and gotten negative results, or totally new to the idea of seducing women.  The ONE thing that matters and why we do this is to have the desire to GET OUR DATING LIFE HANDLED … and to find the most EFFICIENT and OPTIMIZE way to MEET LOTS OF NEW WOMEN as fast as possible, whenever and wherever.

Learning how to seduce women at a professional level took us years of trial and error.  There is no reason why you should waste years of going out trying to uncover the same methods of seducing women we went through.  We provide a professional level of resource, take advantage of it.

Our instructors know the most efficient, fastest, the potent route to get where you want.  Let us share our skills with you.  Being competent in seducing plenty of beautiful women is possible and teaching it to you is our job.  This stuff can be learned and transferable.

This Boot Camp is a program that we would murder for when we were starting out our Journey to being good with women.  Take advantage of it.

Our instructors will literally stand over your shoulders and whisper, in your ears, instructions till you are competent enough to do it yourself.

Understand that this Boot Camp is the real deal, or else we would not express OBNOXIOUSLY that we will DEMONSTRATE all of our methods to you in REAL TIME with REAL GIRLS.  Not only will this boost your confidence around BEAUTIFUL women but boost your confidence in life!

Just remember that you only have huge gains to get out of this and you know the more time you waste are time you are not getting with the girls you want.  Join us, the ELITES, and start enjoying your life!