I know many readers on this site are in their Universities right now and have partaken in Frosh week celebrations.

Frosh is one of the easiest places to meet new people at your University and establish an awesome social circle.

University is great since getting laid is pretty easy and meeting girls is just an afterthought to partying and having fun.

You don’t really have to rely on cold approach which lowers outcome dependence during cold approach.

The University situation also forces you to be very social which is great for personality development and improving your social skills at pickup in Toronto.

Pickup College GirlsHere are some basic Frosh tips

1. Talk to a lot of people.  Approach girls and ask them questions like “Where is the Campus Store” or any other logistical questions.  Ask them if they are first years too.  You and her are in the same University and have plenty to talk about.  Number close and move on.  Try aiming for  10 new girls a day.

2. Hit up parties and meet people there.  Just chill and vibe and make friends.  Don’t try to game but have fun.

3. Hold your own parties which are an essential part of social circle game.  These instantly raise your value and you become the most important person at the party.  The benefits are huge and parties are the cornerstone of any great college socializing strategy.

One of the most important things you have to remember about college is logistics are important.

Live in Residence if you can.

Its important that you stay near the school so you can party it up and not lose precious hours commuting.

I was browsing RSDNation when I saw a thread about some guy who’s parents enforce a strict curfew.

Deal with it.

Don’t be a pussy and break the rules that your parents set if you have to.  The alternative is jacking off in your mother’s basement.

Even if you are doing well in college game don’t slack off with cold approach.

Remember that when you are out of college you won’t have a huge social circle and that cold approach will be essential.

College social circle game is not a substitute for cold approach game.

If you’re a guy who wants to spend his mid 20s to 30s travelling around the world you need to have excellent cold approach game.

A lot of guys go to college and then have problems meeting girls outside it since they are so used to the masses of girls and parties in College.

However, if you go into college with a ton of cold approach experience and keep working on that you’ll do amazingly well in the college scene.

Just remember to go to class and keep your grades up to.

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