Do you know the one way to increase your results instantly and easily?

Its easy, don’t think of yourself as a PUA or pickup artist.

A pickup identity is useless because your will try to live up to it.  This means you will care about rejection and

avoid the hard sets because its harder for you.

Hell, even an identity where you are good with women is bad for you.  I remember coming back to Toronto and being constantly rejected.  I struggled with my ego being hurt and the constant rejection was getting to me.  I felt like all the work I had done to improve myself was useless and that it was impossible to get laid in Toronto using cold approach.

I eventually realized that rejection doesn’t matter and that it doesn’t change who I am.  I’m a solid rock and gusts of rejection don’t affect me whatsoever.  Its all a game and focusing on self amusement will bring more results than worrying about what the girls think.

Its freeing, the ability to burn the set to the ground.  Its a lot of fun and makes every interaction a fun experience for me.  Right now picking up girls is all about fun and I don’t give a shit about results.  My best interactions are the ones I’m having fun with and making myself smile and laugh.  The state transfers over to the girls and it results in a postive interaction.

You can’t take pickup in Toronto seriously when you are out in the field.  You have to focus on having fun.   Learning Pickup in Toronto  is not easy especially for newbies.  I was there today and was surprsied at the large number of Puas.  Hell, I saw as many Pua’s as hot girls.

In a harsh situation like this outcome dependence is horrible.  Instead we focused on having fun and talking to girls in the process.  This made sure that the day was a fun one and we had plenty of great interactions.  Toronto is a tough environment where cold approach skills must be top notch and lacking outcome dependence gives you the party vibe that girls love.   As G says, not giving a fuck is essential.

The reason a Pua identity hurts you is because it ensures that you are trying to impress the girl to fulfill your identity.  This instantly kills your vibe because you are using the girl to reassure yourself that you are cool.  This is in strong contrast to being a guy who interacts with girls and doesn’t want anything at all from them.  The ability to create that vibe changes the game and makes the girls chase you instead.

This isn’t a tactic but a mindset, one that is gained through years of extremely difficult self-improvement and self confidence.  You will be a real life Michelangelo of seduction chiseled from thousands of harsh rejections and approaches.

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