hot sorority girls torontoSocial Circle Game is a great way to improve and compliment cold approach game but requires its own set of rules.  Its more akin to farming than fishing (which is what cold approach like).

One part of social circle game that is absolutely essential is parties.  These are ultimately the nuclear bombs of your social life if you use them right.  People love partying and if you can bring them that you are adding big value to their lives.  This makes you a social connector which makes you very attractive to girls.  Host a couple of awesome parties and invite a lot of cool people and you’ll make your way into their social circle.  It is hugely important to invite cool people and not your nerdy Warcraft friend or creepy pickup artists.  If you don’t know any cool girls to invite then get your ass out cold approaching and tell them to come to your party.

For your actual party make sure you chose a venue that’s easy to access.  If you don’t have your own place ask a buddy to let you co-host with him.  Another essential factor to consider is the day you’re throwing the party.  It must be on a weekend as more people will show up.  Ensure that you have a lot of booze on tap and don’t be cheap, buy as much liquor as needed.  IF you are sending out cold approach invites expect a lot of flakes so invite more girls than you can afford to have.  Most girls have packed social lives so you have to be prepared for a high flake rate.  I’d say inviting 50-60 girls will ensure at least 5-15 will come if your game’s decent and they like you.  For this reason invite 3-7 guys at most as a higher female to male ratio will make the party much more enjoyable.

At the actual party focus more on socializing and mingling than trying to pickup girls.  You’ve already established yourself as a cool guy so just let them show interest in you and pull at the end of the night.  Focus on being the good host and everything will come into place.  This is gold for building a strong social circle with great looking girls.

Try out my suggestions and put together a couple of parties.  Tell me how it goes.  This works great in Toronto since there are a lot of younger people going to one of the many colleges and Universities here.  Young girls LOVE house parties and this is a beautiful opportunity to build a life with a lot of young girls.  Leave me a comment telling me how it goes….

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