Logistics is one of the most important aspects of any man’s game.  Having great logistics will ensure you get laid far more than you would living in the suburbs.

Toronto is a huge city and many players live in the suburbs.  This limits their ability to bring girls back and is probably one of the biggest roadblocks an experienced player has.

It is therefore essential that you live near the core, even if it  means living in a shitty neighborhood such as Sherbourne and Dundas.  If you have to stay with roommates do it.  Make sure your roommates are cool and allow you to bring girls back without them cockblocking you.  The closer you are to downtown the easier it is to bring girls back.  Its pretty hard to pull girls when you live one hour out from downtown.

For all of you players who can’t move downtown, your second best solution is having cool friends who live downtown.  This ensures you can crash at their place for late nights and occasionally bring girls back there if they allow you.  Ask them to have amazing parties at their place where you’ll bring a boatload of girls.

Logistics are huge and money is something you need for them.  This is why every PUA or player in Toronto should try to be financially stable which allows for a closer and better pad.  Make sure you keep your bathroom and bedroom neat and keep the toilet paper stocked(Credit to Jlaix for that one).

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