Going out with friends is an amazing way to start out with pickup.  It keeps you motivated and allows you to have a fun time when you’re out.  This is especially true for a newer guy, as starting pickup is a nerve wracking experience and each approach is a new foray into fear.  Having buddies and playing games can make sure you approach and make it fun.  I have a few favorite ways to keep the momentum up.  Remember, focus on having fun and don’t just be thinking about pickup.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you must focus on having fun.  If it’s not fun you might as well give up right now.  You have to push through a few crappy interactions if its means you get into state.
The second goal is to challenge yourself and keep pushing your limits.

Me and my friends have a game where we do both of these simultaneously.  This results in epic situations and laughs while pushing our pickup boundaries at the same time.  Most importantly it rids us of outcome dependence as we just worry about ourselves doing a challenge and not the girls response.  We  dare each other to do crazy things like opening large groups by going up to one girl in the middle of the food court.  The dare must be in the challenge and must not depend on the girls reaction.  For example, you can’t tell your wingman to get a girls number.  However you can send him into a very tough set for a minute and force him to stay in there for that whole minute.

This game is a great way to accelerate your pickup growth.  You’ll always be pushing yourself to the limit and thus breaking through sticking points at a rapid pace.  This game also makes sure that you focus less on the outcome and more on the dare itself.  Watching your friends do crazy antics also keeps you in an awesome state and results just naturally start to arrive.   You have to always take up challenges and make sure there’s a negative consequence if you don’t.  This will keep you disciplined and make sure you follow up on the dares.  For example, you lose a dollar for each dare you don’t perform.  Keep playing this game and you’ll improve rapidly

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