A lot of us men love girls who are down to earth and relaxed.

There are plenty of these girls in Toronto but they are pretty hard to meet since they are shy and go out partying far less than other girls.

However, they are easy to approach and to talk to.

They might be a bit shy but that just makes them more adorable.

You need to employ a special strategy to meet them.  

Online Dating is a good first option.

The best place to meet them isn’t OkCupid or any other websites.

Its comic book and video game conventions.

Events like FanExpo are perfect for any cool guy.

The competition is not high, most guys don’t have the balls to approach girls.

It’s as simple as asking a girl in a costume to take a photo with you and starting to talk about the costume.

It’s amazing how friendly these girls are.

A lot of them haven’t been hit on that much since they don’t go out clubbing or partying much.

This is a great situation because any guy who is confident and easy to talk to will immediately interest her.

You don’t have to dress up or fake being a nerd, just joke around and be friendly. They aren’t used to meeting that many cool guys and they’ll really welcome that.

Heck, you can even pick up the booth babes there if you have strong even game.

One friend of mine was hitting on a major celebrity at the show.

They might not be your target demographic but it does make talking to the nerdy girls a helluva lot easier.

Dare you and your friends to do the ballsiest stuff possible in the convention and you’ll do great.

The vibe is amazing and everybody is friendly.

This is a perfect venue, these girls are dressed in such kinky outfits that its hard not to get turned on.

Most of the dudes there won’t approach them and if they do it won’t be in an authentic manner(catcalls or putting on a tough persona).

If you can be yourself and confident they will appreciate that since you’re enjoying their real selves and not just the costume they’ve put on for the day.

These girls are a pleasure to be around so be sure to go to these events and also check out the amazing artists present at the events.

See you all at the next FanExpo!

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