I have been doing a lot of subway approaches recently.  The more I do them the more I’m convinced that buses and subways are a prime hunting ground for us guys.  It does take balls to open on the subway but if you do them you will be massively rewarded.   Subway Approaches are also ridiculously awesome when you’re going back home from Pickup and are completely warmed up.  Girls just open up well and long conversations ensue.  These approaches are a great way of practice to sharpen your verbal game as they last quite a bit longer.  You have to be able to relax and vibe it out.  The main problem with subway approaches is that they are hard to do by yourself.  Subways are usually a very anti-social environment and it can hard to push yourself to breach that.  This is in contrast to clubs where everyone’s socializing and having fun.  Nobody looks like they want to be approached in the subway and it’s pretty rare to see a rider smile unless they are with friends.  It requires great discipline to break that initial ice in such an environment.  As with any task that requires discipline the payoffs are great.  Girls usually are bored on the subway or bus and they LOVEbeing approached.  They will almost always have a conversation with you if you don’t give off creepy vibes.

There are a couple of ways to ensure you approach on the subway.  The first is making a promise to yourself and making sure you have to get off the next station unless you do an approach.  This keeps you disciplined and makes sure your commutes will become hellishly long unless you approach.  Another tip I can give you is just keep approaching on your mind when you walking into the train so you can instantly go for a girl.  If you sit down and wait you’ll start getting Approach Anxiety and will not approach.  I suggest going in with a direct approach because it lets her know what you intentions are.  A half assed indirect approach is usually not a great idea for a newbie.  Indirect approaches are better when you have developed some finesse and are socially maneuverable.  Remember to keep approaching like a madman in the subway if you want to succeed at dating in Toronto.

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