Toronto Pickup VenuesEaton Centre- This mall is the biggest in Toronto and is often packed.  I like it best on Thursdays around 5-6 pm because its not too crowded but has a lot of women shopping after work.  It gets very busy during weekends especially during warm weather.  The Eaton Centre is also in the heart of downtown Toronto, in the intersection between Dundas and Yonge. Dundas Square is also conviently nearby and is always filled with people ranging from tourist groups, mostly from Europe and regulars wanting to see the bright lights during nighttime.

Yorkdale Mall- Yorkdale Mall is a great location to meet girls from North York.  Its a classy mall with classy ladies.  I usually alternate between Yorkdale and Eaton.  Yorkdale is best on the weekends and usually not great on weekdays.  Its one of my favorite day game venues because of the high caliber of girls that frequent the place.

Ryerson University-  Ryerson is a 5 minute walk from Eaton Centre and is a great place to meet Eastern European and other exotic ladies.  Its a great place to pickup after you warmup inside the Eaton Centre.  This is a great venue for younger guys who could easily mix in with the student population.

University of Toronto- of T doesn’t have have a very beautiful student population but there are still a few hotties around campus.  Its also located centrally and is close to some great student bars.  Check out Bloor and Spadina intersection as there are always great looking women in that area.

York University- A great place to pickup if you live near it.  The girls there are great looking and its known as a party school.  The only drawback is that its very far from downtown Toronto.

The Subway-  The TTC is a great spot to pickup girls if you know what you are doing.  Subway rides are very boring and girls will be appreciative if you making it more exciting.  Its easy to strike up a conversation in the subway because people are seated.  Just find out what stop she’s getting off at so you can get her contact info before she has to get off.

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