I’ve been going out even more recently and been doing even more day game.  I’ve found even more daytime venues in Toronto that can be great for up and coming players.

Hotel Lobbies and Bars-  These are great hunting grounds for an older man.  There are many women who are visiting Toronto for tourism or business reasons.  Tourists are often looking for excitement and you can fill that role.  Women are far more adventurous when travelling than at home so take advanatage of that.  Younger guys might find girls their age but you have to be observant and charming to ensure you don’t get cockblocked by their parents.

Kensington Market-  I personally have not had a lot of experience with Kensington market but its supposed to a great spot for pickup.  Its a very casual place filled with young people.  People are very relaxed in the area and are just looking to have fun.  This is a great place for pickup if you are into alternative music or spirituality.   There are also a lot of weed smokers here.

Bloor Street shopping area-  This shopping area is situated right in downtown Toronto and is definatly a great spot to pick up girls. This place has a lot of high-end classy girls, where they shop after a hards days work, but what they don’t know is you can make their day that much better by making a simulating conversation and eventually getting their number.

PATH-  This is a golden gem of a pickup area.  If you live downtown this is a great place to meet girls while you are going through your day.  You could also grab your laptop and work at one of the busy areas and just pick and choose the girls as they come along.  PATH is great because you don’t really have to change your schedule to meet girls, you can just meet them while you are going through you day.

Parks- Large parks such as High Park can be a great place to meet girls while relaxing and having fun.  Parks are generally a very chill place and a great place to have a Day 2 as you can have a lot of fun while in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Beaches- Toronto has some great beaches and you can take advantage of that during the summer when its warm.  I suggest that you workout before you try this because initial impressions are even more important on the beach.  Being flabby or too skinny won’t help you much with your shirt off unless you have very tight game.

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