The Eaton Centre is the biggest malls in Toronto and one of the worlds most popular day game locations.  Many successful PUA’s  have visited the Eaton Centre and practiced picking up girls in the daytime here.  The mall is located smack in the middle of downtown and is full of a lot of people.  It can be considered one of the tougher day game venues in Toronto and is an excellent place to sharpen your skills.  I’ve been visitng Eaton Centre each weekend for the past 6 months and I have to say that the mall setting is very benefical for the newbie player trying to learn how to approach women in the daytime.  Since there are so many women in the Eaton Centre you can easily warm up and get yourself into state within 20 minutes.  Eaton Centre is therefore a great first stop on your day game iternary.  Do a few approaches there and you can move to other venues which may have less women but better logistics(girls who are stationary).

However, the Eaton Centre can still be a great place to pickup women if you have the right skillset.  There are some guidelines you should follow to maximize your Eaton Centre success rate.

-Always build relationships with store workers so they don’t get suspicious when you are chatting up customers.  If they already think you are a social guy from your interactions with them they’ll think you’re just being your usual self.

-The Queen street entrance is far busier than the top floor Sears entrance to the Eaton Centre.

-The food court is a hive of activity, this area is excellent because the girls are sitting down.

-There are couches in the middle of the hallway throughout the Eaton Centre.  Look for girls sitting by themselves on them as this is good logistics for a pickup.  They’re usually bored waiting for somebody.

-Look for girls walking slowly through the mall, these girls usually have time to kill and won’t mind chatting to a cute guy like yourself.

-When do you get a girls number and need to hide low for a bit so she doesn’t catch you talking to other girls, go outside on Yonge- Dundas square.

-Ryerson University is right nearby, go there to meet cute Eastern European girls.  Make sure you go there when the school year is going on because its empy right now as the spring semester just finished.

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