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I’ve been thinking of trying something new recently, and that is social circle infiltration and creation.

Most Pickup Artists tell you cold approach the key to success with women.  I’m not disputing that but there is another important element that can boost your game and get you laid more often and faster.

When you are cold approaching you have a low rate of success if you are not experienced.  This is why I suggest a newbie work on his social circle game after he has done a few months of cold approaching.  If he has been reading the right inner game material to sort out his inner game and has been cold approaching at least 4 days a week for 3 or 4 months he’ll be ready for social circle creation.  The fact is that getting closes from cold approach is very difficult and takes a long time to master unless you accelerate it with bootcamps.  The best way to get poon on the side while working on your cold approach is to cultivate a social circle so you can have abundance even if cold approach is not yielding fruits for you.

The amount of time it takes for a guy to get sex from cold approach depends on the level of experience and age.  For example an 18 year old who can’t get into bars in Toronto will have to rely on day game.  There is the whole issue of logistics in such a big city like Toronto if you live in the suburbs.  However the benefits of cold approach are immeasurableness and must not be avoided.  At the same time its better for you if you are actually getting laid.  This is why creating a social circle and getting into parties is essential especially for younger guys.  Logistics take care of themselves when you are at a house party.

Now, if you are a guy with no social cirlce and no access to hot girls, what can you do?

1. Meet Girls through school.  Just be friendly, you don’t have to try to “game” them or anything.  Don’t worry about being a chode but just act normally and become friends with them.  The reason I tell you to be friendly is because new  guys to the game are constantly trying to be “alpha” which is not yet congruent to themselves.  Experimentation and risk taking are for cold approaches and are not well suited for social circle game.

2. Also meet guys through mutual pastimes.  Play some sports and join some clubs and you’ll meet cool guys who will get you into parties.

3. Once you know a bunch of people you can access parties and get familiar with people there.  Girls will show interest in you if you are acting cool and chill.  If you have been cold approaching outside of your social circle you’ll be set as you will be a naturally cool guy.  Cold approach is the toughest but after doing that for a few months other social situations will be a lot easier.

If you don’t go to school or university, then its a bit tougher for you but you can still create a social circle.  Here’s how-

1.  Join some clubs or sports that you are interested in.  As a man you should always be trying to learn new things.  Use groupon to find cheap classes.  Meet people there and invite them out for a drink and establish a solid friendship.  People who play the same sport or are in the same club easily become friends.

2.  Cold approach girls with the intention of hanging out with them and meeting their friends.  Approach average girls and don’t show much sexual interest but be genuinely interested in forging a friendship.  Hang out with her and meet her friends.  Become the cool guy inthe group and you’ll be invited to parties.

To recap, BECOME FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE.  Thats all there is to it.  Thats what I’m doing right now and its going pretty well.  Have a positive attitude and don’t think people will blow you off and you’ll be good.  Just have some cold approach experience before you do this if you don’t feel confident about your social skills.  If you do achieve a cool social circle don’t get lazy and keep approaching girls outside of your social circle.  This will ensure you have the best of both worlds and will improve your game learning curve.  After all, getting laid from your social circle will result in less outcome dependence for your cold approaches and skyrocket your success.  You’ll go into approaches with the knowledge that you are offering value and the girl is the one who is the lucky one.   This is a great strategy for Toronto where cold approach is a difficult art(which is why a lot of the big pickup artists like Mystery, Cajun, Tenmagnet, and Papa are from Toronto).

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