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Update: Babaluu is currently closed but the owners are planning to open up a new Babaluu in a brand new location.  Keep a lookout on their website for when they reopen.  In the meanwhile, use this article as a general guide to Salsa game and how to operate in similar environments.


The venue:

How is your physical game with girls?

How about your dancing skills?

This is a small salsa club situated in the heart of high-class Yorkville.

Guys can get in for free before 9pm, and there is a free salsa lesson around the 9:30pm mark.

This is a great place to learn physical game through learning salsa dancing.

I recommend coming here on Wednesdays to Saturdays.

Thursday nights are Bachata night, which is a very very simple dance.

The girls:

The girls here range in quality, and skill level (with respect to dancing).

Lots of hot girls want to dance

Lots of hot girls want to dance

The demographic is typically 25+, and there are quite a few beginner girls that show up.

Beginner girls are great for beginner guys.

Simply open, and learn your dance moves together.

But there are also your regular girls who come to simply dance.

Some girls will dress up nicely, while others will simply show up in their typical jeans and tight shirt dress attire.

Some nights actually have way more women show up (the nature of things :)

The Style:


Learn a couple steps, and impress girls for life

I show up early (usually to get in for free), and take the salsa lesson.

At the same time, you get to see which women are new, and worth picking up.

Another thing is, you get to practice your physical game by spinning, dipping, and getting close to your girl.

This is important for beginners in the game whom have very little physical contact with women.

Once you find a nice girl, dance with her, talk to her while dancing, and pull her to the back of the venue (into the
smoking area), and chat her up.

# close, kiss close, or pull.

Whichever you are comfortable with.

Food For Thought:

Copious amount of drinking does not occur at salsa clubs.

Don't expect drunk girls. Instead come to learn, and practice your moves.

Don’t expect drunk girls. Instead come to learn, and practice your pickup and dance moves.

The girls usually only have 1 drink, while some don’t drink any, and most don’t predrink.

Also, remember, you are here to practice your physical game, so try to feel comfortable around the better dancers.

In fact, most of the dancers there don’t have any game.

They can dance, but they don’t lead or take initiative with their girls.

So take charge.

Also, you can warm up your physical game at Babaluu from 9-12pm, and then hit up the Maddy (which is just down the street).

I highly recommend doing this.

Next Spot Coming Up!

Alright, good stuff brotha!

Go hit up Babaluu, learn a couple dance moves, and try them on those girls at those typical bars, or on the streets, or wherever you please!

I guarantee you will get an instant 10 points to your repetoire.

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